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I visited Naples last September. I've seen beautiful pictures and heard many infamous stories about this southern Italian city. Intrigued by these contrasting perspectives, I resolved to explore and uncover the city myself. And there I was, arriving at Naples after an hour long train journey and greeted by the stifling hot Mediterranean weather as soon as I stepped off the carriage.

With the plan drawn out the night before, I set off to start my exploration from the northern end of Via Toledo, the main artery of the city, but with an aim to get lost in the many small streets and narrow alleyways at the sides.

I soon found myself in the cross crossing alley networks, weaving through throngs of locals and tourists and immersing myself in a cacophony of sights and sounds. Each and everyone something to behold and listen to.

It's market day every day in Naples and the stalls were stacked full with local produce from bright red tomatoes to artichokes of earthy colours.

Small talk at the side street

Without the grandeur of Rome, romance of Venice and glamour of Milan, Naples is all about real life in Italy. I could just sat down at a shady cafe and watch the grassroots getting on with their life, running chores busily or engaging in the small gossips with their neighbours.

What I realised from my exploration was that Naples was a heaven for street photography. You get glimpses of the locals' everyday life and they lead you to imaginations on the many stories that lie behind each face. It's as if everyone has stories to tell in this city and you just can't wait to explore more.


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  • coppernotes

    LOVE this story! You have really captured the happenchance moments and all the textures of the city. Wonderful story.

  • tschang

    @copperline Thank you Fiona! It's not difficult to capture the moment especially with the atmosphere, people and grittiness of the city. Hope you're well by the way!

  • coppernotes

    It helps to be some place with so much atmosphere, but yes, you captured it!👌🏻 Fine here. So glad it's March, so ready for spring adventures... 🌿

  • juicylucyham

    OMG! I really do LOVE this story & the photos & everything!!! You captured it so well ❤️

  • renukostyle

    Thoroughly loved this glimpse into Naples, my mothers family's place of origin.

  • tschang

    @juicylucyham So so glad you like! Like I said, Naples is heaven for street photography, you should go!!

  • tschang

    @renukostyle Thank you Karen! Your mother's hometown is beautiful!

  • anouki_b

    Amazing!!! 😍😍😍


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