Come for the snow. Stay for the Montana adventure.

Following the snow is pretty easy in Montana. Head from ski hill to ski hill with plenty of adventure in between. Here’s one route in Southwest Montana. Day 1 Ski Lost Trail Powder Mountain. Spend the night in Jackson Hot Springs. Day 2 Ski Maverick Ski Area. Then head over the Big Sky Resort to spend the night. (scroll ⬇️.) Day 3 Ski Big Sky Resort. For a little more adventure, take a winter hike to frozen Ousel Falls. Spend the night in West Yellowstone. Day 4 Take a snowcoach tour into Yellowstone National Park from West Yellowstone. Spend another night in West Yellowstone. Day 5 Drive up Highway 191. Then, take the day to explore Bozeman.

Start your trip off on the right note by watching the sunrise.

Then, it's time to hit the slopes at Lost Trail Powder Mountain.

After a long day of skiing, it's time to hit the open road.

Another day, another hill. Ski the quaint Maverick Mountain.

After a long day on the slopes, relax at Elkhorn Hot Springs.

On your way to Big Sky, stop and chat with some locals.

Your next hill to conquer is Big Sky Resort.

Slow things down with a hike to Ousel Falls.

Next, you'll ride through Yellowstone National Park in a snowcoach!

Meet the locals of Yellowstone.

End your trip by watching the sunset over the Bridger Mountains from Highway 191.

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