Exploring Cuba with @pulledtogether

The city is a treasure trove of architecture, raw and beautiful, a seemingly endless reservoir of new experiences which I imagine will remain rich and healthy for a few more years before American culture floods the country with tourism and trade. Discovery, I found to be at the heart and soul of Havana's beauty.

Although the entire city is a live-action museum, Old Havana is astonishing and a must-see.

The views are epic.

Everything is a sea of color and texture, a lot like a good meal.


I'm not entirely sure that the novelty will wear off. The most exciting part of this trip was that feeling of frozen time, a reduction to simplicity that only sustained time in a city like New York can help you appreciate.

Fun Fact: La Cabano is the largest fort in the Western Hemisphere. Go during the in the afternoon to tour all day so at the end you can capture the sun setting over Havana and the Malecon.

Mornings were just... different.

If I could describe Havana in one word? Vibrant.

Culture is the pulse of every city, it's art, it's landscapes, it's people. You consume it. And that's why I think people always connect to food. So I wanted to bring some of that home to share with you.

Braised shredded beef stew aka 'Ropa Vieja' is a Cuban classic perfect for a lazy day. I'd typically make this on a Sunday because of it's "slow and low" characteristics. Whether served over rice or in warm tortillas the tender meat and flavors will blow you away.

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