islington town hall wedding

This couple had a short, sweet day in London. Just 2 hours to tell their story. Sometimes that's just enough.

Just friends witnessed this day as the couples big family were planning a special celebration in Malaysia.

The town hall steps provide the perfect exit as newly weds, bubbles and/or confetti should always feature

I love love love Creating portraits with just the couple.

I left the couple and their friends to enjoy lunch and continue their celebrations

I'm Catherine, I love photographing people Find out more Instagram: @lilyandfrank #wedding #weddings #stellerstories #love

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  • coppernotes

    Love this! Beautiful photos Catherine - and that shot on page 17, and the patina of the backdrop on page 21 (the wall) create unexpected and striking images. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • Catherine_F

    @copperline thank you so much Fiona! Such a lovely comment thank you!

  • coppernotes

    So lovely to look through your stories!πŸ™ŒπŸ»β˜ΊοΈ

  • Catherine_F

    @copperline 😘😘


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