#MatExpHour 19th Feb 2016 On CQC Maternity Survey 2015 & action

Eeek I offered to host a #MatExpHour tweetchat another first for me!

This story is an attempt to capture the lively discussion , I hope I have done it justice, apologies if I miss something you feel was very important by accident

Never content to make things easy I was going to be on the move at the time so I co opted a couple of fab co hosts @victoriaRM6 & @leighakendall and also prepared a few questions...

Q1 Are you aware of the CQC maternity survey results either nationally or locally? Did they confirm your views or did you learn something new?

This provoked 2 main areas of discussion , first that of exclusion of bereaved parents from the survey sample

The other area explored was does the CQC maternity survey influence women's choice?

Q2 Why do you think the results suggest worse experience for first time mothers and what could we do to improve this?

The clear focus here was communication & plenty of ideas as to how to improve it

This birthing room poster from @BromleyMSLC

You can access it here

Q3 How can we ensure all women are treated with dignity & respect and are talked to in a way they can understand? Are there specific groups of women whose needs we are failing to address?

Q4 Why are increasing numbers of women having a vaginal birth in lithotomy (stirrups) ? How can we reverse this trend?

The conversation took a slight detour off to alternative positions for assisted births

Then back to the issue of lithotomy for unassisted vaginal birth 👀‼️

Blog link here

Q5 How can we encourage less well performing services to replicate what works well elsewhere? How can we motivate 'good' performers to help spread good practice? Do MSLCs have a role here? Are there any examples of 'buddying' 'good' & 'poor' services?

Many good ideas here

Although also a reminder than many on #MSLC currently often voluntary & need succession planning for user reps

I love the market stall idea - fits right in with the #MatExp bazaar

Plus the obvious answer #MatExp itself of course

Watch our impromptu workshop video here

Some practical #MatExpHour issues were creeping in 🍴but we were nearly there

Q6 Are you taking any action as a result of the survey that you would be willing to share ? Are there new actions you might take as a result of this #MatExpHour? Could you share this chat with others?

Well apart from all the actions already mentioned 💥‼️

A few late comers to the party

A request for an encore👏🏼‼️

Hope this has inspired some of you to get involved , I've already seen some follow up actions - look out of a couple of #FabObs Blogs from @myobstetrician & @doctorrah

I hope I've you will feel I've done our conversation #matexphour justice & for those of you who missed it sparked some ideas Any rate I can't squeeze anymore in as I've just discovered Steller has a page limit 😂 😱as I exceeded it‼️

Finally with grateful thanks to my family who carried my bags, stopped me getting run over or falling off the train platform whilst I hosted from a bus & train!

Next time maybe the path will be a little smoother! #matexphour #matexp

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