My favorite spots in Manarola and Vernazza


I was only supposed to spend a few days in le Cinque Terre back in December. But the moment I got there, I knew I needed more time – because you can never see enough sunrises and sunsets in a place like this. So I spent a whole week photographing the seaside towns. I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite sunset/sunrise viewpoints in Vernazza and Manarola.

"Dreams in the Dusk" - Vernazza This is probably the most famous sunset viewpoint, and it doesn’t disappoint! It can be reached within a few minutes from the town center by taking the hiking path toward Corniglia.

"The Radiance Below" - Vernazza This overlook provides a completely different view of Vernazza than the other, more iconic location on the other side. But I actually like this one better, because you can see the front of the town and the harbor. This spot can be reached within a few minutes from the town center by starting along the hiking path to Monterosso al Mare.

"Harbor Dreams" - Vernazza Not all great viewpoints come from above le Cinque Terre. This photo was actually a bit of an accident, as another shot location I had chosen wasn’t working. So I raced down into the town, stepped out onto the rocks and found a view I liked right as the peak moments of twilight occurred.

"The Sea is Calling" - Manarola The towns of le Cinque Terre are known for ocean views and quaint yet chaotic architecture, but also for wine. I found a spot that captures all three in one image of Manarola. If you start upon the hiking trail from Manarola to Corniglia and climb a bit, you’ll find this stunning view.

"Serenity at Dawn" - Manarola The towns are usually photographed during the evening, because the sun sets out over the ocean. But I decided to wake up early and give morning a try and saw this. If you go to the main tourist overlook of the village, and then live just a bit dangerously and climb over the railing and down onto the rocks below, you can get this panoramic view.

"Divine Morning" - Manarola I recommend getting up early for sunrise in these towns, and I say that as the world’s worst morning person. It’s worth it to beat crowds and spend a few quiet minutes soaking in the experience and listening to the sounds of the sea.

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