Trekking Landmannalaugar - one of Iceland's most famous trek

While I've been to more than 70 countries, Iceland is my favorite so far- due to it's incredible landscapes, chilled capital city and wonderful people. In summer of 2012 we spent three weeks traveling through Iceland and Langmanalaugar trek was one of the highlights. It is 78km long and takes about 5-6days to complete. Some of the scenery is one of the kind, including sand hills, volcanic stones, hot springs, canyons, glaciers and wonderful waterfalls.

This valley is simply a photographer's dream...

I did the trek with Icelandic Mountain Guides and the service was top of the line- from a very knowledgeable and nature addicted guide to most luxurious food I have ever had while trekking.

Just a perfect guide!

Some adventurous and very exciting river crossings...

Magical nights that can hardly be called nights. Sleep is the last thing you'd want to worry about.

Iceland's famous wool sweaters- very useful for their cold nights!

My favorite day was the last one- walking through lava fields left after the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull volcano, gorgeous canyons and "icing on the cake"- the famous Skogafoss waterfall.

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