Easter 2015

Easter is coming and Ireland is one of those countries where you can spend just a day drinking Guinness in one of Dublin's many pubs or enjoy several weeks of hiking through this country's stunning nature.

Last year we decided to spend our Easter break visiting this amazing country and it was as beautiful as it was too short.

We started in Dublin and although it was rainy and grey- I loved the city. Clouds and rain almost added to the feeling.

We then crossed the country and went to explore West coast - started in Galway and continued to Connemara NP.

Famous Cliffs of Moher

The story of this castle is a rather interesting one. Mitchell Henry purchased the 15.000 acre estate as a romantic gift for his wife. In 1867 he created one of Ireland's most iconic castles- Kylemore Abbey. It took over 4 years to complete and more than 3000 people were involved. They earned on average 19-20 cents a day.

We stayed in the most wonderful cabin that I found via Tripadvisor. Cozy, remote, lovely details.

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Thank you for visiting! Wish you great Easter trips and hope this could serve as an inspiration! *** More of my Steller stories on @sanitapukite and #lovetowander