Slovakia hiking September 2015

High Tatras are one of my favorite mountains. While being easily reachable and accessible, they are wild, challenging and truly beautiful. This story is about the hike through Studena Dolena valleys over Priecne Sedlo pass that we did last September.

The weather is always changing- so I always pack a hat and pair of gloves

The total distance of this hike is about 13km and it takes roughly 7-8hrs to complete it. The highest point of this route is 2352m.

The sign posts are simply essential- and I love the design also!

The beginning of the hike was really not that difficult- we enjoyed the weather and amazing views.

It wasn't until very close to the pass when it started to get cold, ground became icy and at some point we realized that we are doing the hike in the wrong direction.

Resting just before the pass

We ended up climbing down 100m of quite vertical cliff, having only some chains to hold on to. Not a good idea and quite scary also!

We had another 2hrs or so after the pass to finish the hike and get back to Hrebrienok.

The last 20min of our hike our only light source was a supermoon. The "icing on the cake" were 3 bears that we saw from our car on the way back. Unfortunately it was too dark to take photos.

More photos on my IG page www.instagram.com/sanitapukite #lovetowander