Milan is beautiful but you need to be curious to discover its gems. Here are some tips www.milanosecrets.it #cityglimpses #stellerplaces #stellerstories #stelleritalia

Have a look inside the big yard of Viale Col di Lana 8 (it's gorgeous, you will find a vintage paradise called 100 FA)

A coffee and so much more at Marotin in via Archimede 59

...or at Pavè in via Felice Casati 27

One of the best overall view of Milan at La Terrazza La Triennale bar and restaurant

Do not miss Fondazione Prada and his Luce bar designed by Wes Anderson

You can look out for a typical milanese house "casa di ringhiera" but..

...remember also to peep inside noble palaces where you may discover well hidden amazing courtyards (5 vie area or via Manzoni, corso Venezia, via Durini, via Sant'Andrea...)

Isola with all its shops is one of the emerging neighborhood (Atelier Bellinzona in Via Farini, Offfi flower in Via Carmagnola, via Pastrengo with his little shops too)

Naviglio district at its best on a sunday market

Villa Necchi is another place you don't want to miss

A bit of culture at Accademia di Brera

And then a little walk to the Orto Botanico just behind the Accademia

La Vigna di Leonardo inside Palazzo degli Atellani is another cute spot to see

A visit to Achille Castiglioni studio

And Rossana Orlandi space

La Statale