Mt. Baker National Forest


This is our home. Well, not actually the mountains themselves. We live in the fertile river valley. However, we aren't newbies or tourists. My husband and I have seen our fair share of these mountains having been born and raised in Whatcom County by parents & grandparents born here as well. We grew up scaling the sides of rocky fern laden hills and mammoth snow covered boulders. Our families have hunted the rock slides for deer, elk, bear and goats. While we've also fished in its glacier waters for trout and steelhead. Life from the foothills pulses through our veins and rain doesn't frighten us. We are training up two young men to be the same...unhindered by those who would squelch our wandering pathways. Those who move into the area from elsewhere...trying to change everything...trying to run it all. Those who would try to organize and tame the wonderful beauty of the wild. Those who will be consumed by the unwieldy nature of the rugged North Cascades...

We begin in the fertile Nooksack Valley....

Slowly we climb up the Mt. Baker's like an old familiar friend.

Soon the ascent becomes more dramatic and the thundering Nooksack Falls commands your immediate attention.

...and we continue up...up....up to the ski area... to the most photographed mountain peak in the nation:

Mt. Shuksan

But we don't stop there...

Artist Point is open early... We are going all the way up!



" I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are."

...and just like that...rain.





You are welcome in Whatcom County by all...but do not expect to change or harness the mountains. It cannot be done. #stellerstories #steller #outdoors #mountains #hiking #wilderness #northcascades #northwestisbest #washington #whatcomcounty #mountains #mountbaker #forest #trail #waterfall #wildflowers #stellerplaces



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  • luvlifebythesea

    What a great hiking trip!!! Gorgeous rivers, waterfalls & that mountain lake reflection!! 👊🏻✌🏻️💕


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