Brownie Sandwich Cookies

with salted caramel filling

Brownie Sandwich Cookies with salted caramel filling Brownie Cookie Dough 12oz dark chocolate chopped 3 Tbsp butter 2 large eggs 2/3 cup sugar 1Tsp vanilla 1/4 all purpose flour 1/4Tsp baking powder Salted Caramel Filling 1cup butter 2cups icing sugar 1/4sea salt 1/4cup caramel (I used store bought, but of course you can use homemade) How to make Brownies 1. Put 7oz of chocolate and butter in sauce pan and melt over low heat, then let cool. 2. Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla for approx. 10mins until pale, creamy and fluffy. Add flour, baking powder, melted chocolate and remaining 5oz of chopped chocolate. Should be thick and fudge like in texture. Let stand 10mins. Then spoon about 24x 1TBSP sized cookies into lined trays. Bake at 350C for 10mins, until puffed and cracked. Cool completely. How to make Filling 1. Put butter in a bowl and beat until creamy and smooth. 2. Add sugar, salt and caramel until combined. Spread about a table spoon of filling into one of the brownie cookies and then add a second cookie to make a sandwich. Enjoy with someone you love❤️

I used Lindt dark Madagascar chocolate and it was perfect❤️

Be sure to beat the egg mixture until pale yellow, for no less than 10mins. before adding the melted chocolate, flour, baking powder and remaining chocolate. This will ensure a thick beautiful cookie dough, kind of fudge like texture💫👌🏼

The cookies will puff up and crack a little, they are almost like meringues in texture, but a little soft in the middle.

Cookies are to be shared with friends❤️ *warning may bring on chocolate coma, I recommend to drink with a big mug of tea, coffee or milk for maximum pleasure☺️ You can find me on IG dreaming off far off places whilst eating cookies @whatiseephoto 😘 Original recipe found on IG @bakersroyal_naomi