by Sophie Gamand

I have been volunteering as a photographer in animal shelters for a few years. Ironically, it has become my brand and what people know me for. I couldn't have planned this! I love it 💚

Here are some of the recent most memorable moments with my shelter models.

The models who had too many treats

The cat dogs

The cross-eyed

The snaggle teeth

The happy faces

The messy shoots

The shoots where not much was accomplished

Those who swear they wake up like that every morning 😅

The veterans

The ABBA boots

More boots

The Pride

The epic fails

The mammas and their kids. The kids always get adopted in a matter of days.

The mammas are always left behind. And they wait. Months. Years.

The unexpected mixes (A Brittany Spaniel / pit bull mix)

The ones that could have used a little more love in their previous life.

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  • copperline

    I love the way that you tell a story so simply, but each photo is so full of words. The way you capture the humanity, the very essence and character, of each subject. And the way you don't flinch when it gets tough, like pages 15 and 17. And whenever I see this on IG, about the puppies getting adopted quickly and the mothers being left, that is so sad. This symbol of love, discarded.

  • michelle_oben

    I didn't want this to end. My heart is so full after reading this!

  • photistry

    P15 made me cry! I love these Sophie. All of them are absolutely fantastic.

  • mombo

    welcome back!

  • sophiegamand

    @michelle_oben 🙊👌 I thought the story was too long!! 😅

  • sophiegamand

    @mombo ha! Yes it's been a while!

  • sophiegamand

    @photistry thank you 💚

  • Caitlin_Santana

    This is simply lovely! I have two rescues and this just tugs at my heart!

  • catklein

    Made me smile!!!

  • elavenil_e

    No words to say!!

  • tedxvienna

    This is adorable! 🐩

  • dakotalane

    Clever and compassionate and great dog photography

  • danransomphoto

    Amazing. How do you manage to keep them still? Ha.

  • rhys_olivia

    You are amazing !