February 13, 2016 #creative #poetry


People who've been sick a lot tell me it's common to drop the plot of your life after a week in bed. Born hellbent on outrunning trouble - not sleeping it off - this was hearsay for me. Surfacing this illness, I'm amazed.

7 Days Down, Nothing Looks the Same.

New Energies Descend.

Vistas Contract and Expand.

Both External ...

...And Internal.

Without Your Direction, Space Reconfigures Daily.

New Promise Arises.

New Paths Appear.

Bored With Your Life? I Recommend Bed Rest.


Original #iphoneography, #creative, #iphoneonly © 2016. Meri Aaron Walker, Talent, OR. All rights reserved. Excerpted from upcoming books. Images available on a variety of materials. Come along: I do mobile art and creativity workshops: http://iphoneartgirl.com/want_more

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  • deepsilver

    Love the poetic artistry and soaring inspiration of this lyrical piece! Contrails! 🌞🌞🌞

  • iPhoneArtGirl

    All on one walk, Pat. Including the front piece. It felt like being accompanied by angels, not just Blaze, @deepsilver 😉😜😮

  • ashcroft54

    Very nice Meri !!!

  • iPhoneArtGirl

    Thank you so much @ashcroft54 ❤️

  • Andy48

    I really like the contrast / comparison of near and far - it really connects the poetic thread of life with the instantaneous for me. Well done!

  • iPhoneArtGirl

    Thanks so much for taking a look Andy and for taking time to comment. I see we connected today in Facebook and I'm glad about that too @Andy48 ❤️

  • Lambie

    I hope this wonderful line of thought and experience marks a healing and improved turn of events! Love this thinking process. And hope you are improving rapidly! Cheers and hugs

  • wolf391

    Hope you are doing better

  • CAWeStruck

    No matter what happens to you, you tease out a deeper meaning. I love how you pay attention, how you watch and listen, how you share your insights.


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