Miami Beach

Have u ever seen #MiamiBeach and #FortLauderdale how they look from sky ? there we go... take five minutes of your life and enjoy the coastline from a perspective that you haven't ever seen!

The Fort Lauderdale pier .

From #bocaraton to #bayhoarbour and then to #fortlauderdale the coastline is full of resorts and luxury hotels.

Fort Lauderdale is a typical touristic summer city where is worth to stay because is cheaper than Miami Beach.

In Miami Beach is always time for sunbathing.

When you fly above a beach full of tourists you may catch their attention...

In winter #Miami is one of the best favourite place to spent the christmas holiday by americans.

" Privacy is a taboo in Miami... "

"'s an helicopter story and it's all about flying doorless..."

#travel is always an adventure ... especially when you fly and you look everythings from the air..

When next year you will look for summer in winter opt for the #Florida

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