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Mexico was a total surprise, if we didn't really know what to expect there (insecurity, pollution...) we visited the country for the very first time for a month at the end of 2015, we embraced it and we just loved it! Actually so tough to select our 10 fave places in this colorful and charming country!

1. Guanajuato The city of 1001 colors ❤️ A true piece of art

2. Yelapa - Puerto Vallarta Between virgin jungle & ocean

3. Cholula - Puebla A church built on a Mayan pyramid

4. Xochimilco - Mexico The Mexican Venice!

5. Tulum - Riviera Maya The most beautiful beach to build a sacred temple

6. Sian Ka'an nature reserve A green paradise

7. Bacalar - Quintana Roo The 7 colors Lagoon, the most serene place to unwind

8. Calakmul - Campeche A sacred Mayan site lost in the jungle 🌴

9. Ria Celestùn - Yucatán A pink flamingoes reserve

10. Cenote Noh Mozón Unique in the world and only in Yucatán, you can swim in the heart of Earth...

Have you visited these places? What's your fave? Fancy reading more about Traveling to and in Mexico: To find out more pictures about Mexico: Instagram:

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