Shaping The Core From The Inside

Forget the crunch

The go-to ab workout, will no doubt give us that washboard look. Crunches work the surface muscles that run vertically along the front body. However, it can stress the neck and hip flexors. Over worked hip flexors can get tight, which cause them to pull on the pelvis and strain the low back. There is a right way, and a wrong way to crunch. (Source: yoga journal)

Transverse Abdominus & Multifidus

Building from the deep inner abdominals (transverse abdominus & multifidus) will lift and support you against gravity over time. Strengthening from the inside improves posture and creates stability for the shoulders, hips, and maintains that natural curvature of your spine. It also helps prevent against injury not only in intense yoga poses but also for every day movement. (Source: yoga journal)

Putting The 2 Together

The sequence of poses pictured next are great ways to bring the 2 together. Working both the inner and surface abdominals will give you results you can see and feel.

Starting in cat-cow can help to not only warm up the spine but also to access the inner core. Begin on hands and knees. Shoulders over wrists, hips over knees.

Cow- on an inhale lift the tailbone, drop the belly, lift the chest bone

Cat- exhale, tuck the pelvis, lift the spine, tuck chin to chest. Feel the contraction in your core, pull the belly button to the spine. THAT is your transverse abdominus.

Plank w/twist- everybody knows plank. Add the twist, keeping the upper body in place twist from the hips, stacking the ankles. Holding and breathing.

Plank- Key things to be mindful of: shoulders over elbows. Heels pressing back to create length through the legs. Belly button to spine

Knee to arm w/Chaturanga- begin in Down Dog. Lift one leg up as high as you can get it. Come forward stacking shoulders over wrists, bringing the lifted knee as high up the arm as you can. Now exhale down to low plank. Use the core to pull the leg in.

For the sake of time I didn't hold each pose in my video. For optimum results hold each pose!

Active Sphinx- this one is my absolute favorite. Targeting the lower 4. Coming to the belly, tops of the feet on the ground.

Sphinx- elbows/forearms planted firmly into the ground. Neck is neutral

Activate- lift the hips on your exhale. pushing through the tops of your feet activating everything. Inhale down. Repeat.

Boat- flip around to sitting. Lifting the legs and balancing on your sits bones. Lifting the chest, keeping an arch in that low back. This is a moving boat, so come down about half way, and then maybe a little more right before shoulders and feet touch the ground. Come back up. Going through that sequence while breathing as many as you can

Lower 4- bring head and shoulders to the ground. Feet come up to the sky, slowly lower legs until hovering. Bring them back up. Repeat. Don't forget to breath.

You can do any sequence of poses for however long you are able. Remember breath is key, muscles don't form without oxygen.


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    You are so strong & conditioned! You make it look easy. I want to try some of these!

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    I think you should stabilize your scapula when you do the spinx pose

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    @mutiarainda I mean it's pretty stabilized. Shoulder girdle is nice and protected with my positioning.


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