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I've always been dreaming of houses, styling rooms in my mind, longing for a place to call HOME This is my home story, BEFORE & AFTER a complete makeover

Welcome to this little villa from 1923. Turn the page and... come in!

Bought and restored the house, we moved in with old pieces of furniture and some Ikea. The armchairs are my grandparents'. I've always hated the blue velvet my sister has choosen for them, but...

Ok, the blue armchairs turned out to be the "star pieces" in the living room. But the red tv set... no pity for it!

Are you thinking this is not too bad? Let me show you how it looks now...

We all love open spaces. But the pillar is really owful. Let's use it to hold something...

The sofa makes a weak border between the living room and the kitchen. How to divide, without closing...? A glass wall is the solution!

...wide but not comfortable. Wanna see the makeover?

I've always loved textures, materials, colors and graphics. These tiles are made of vulcanic stone, hand painted, made with care and ancient skills. Craft is a kind of love

The kitchen was... grey. Ok, we wanted it grey, but not SO grey...!

Too many things: the kitchen was mixed up. Now it's more sophisticated, isn't it?

In love with DΓΌrer's Adam and Eve, I wanted them... in my bedroom! It was easy with Wallpaper on demand

Looking for a covering idea for two doors: a touch of... Art!

The perfect accessories for a grey bathroom are wood and copper

What's the right mood for the room in front of the garden? A wood on the walls (hidding two sliding doors...)

"Your house is your larger body. It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night..."

Khalil Gibran

For this home makeover many thanks to: CasaFacile Giusi Silighini, editor in chief Vanessa Pisk, home stylist Giandomenico Frassi, photographer Thank you, my friends, for this dream come true!

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