The truth about keeping chickens

When you think of a rural idyll chickens are always in the picture. Pecking around the garden, maybe a mother with a few chicks, nibbling corn out of your hand; it is an image of contentment.

But what is the truth behind these images?

If you’re thinking of getting chickens be aware. It’ll become an obsession.

Oh, we’ll just get three, you’ll tell your reluctant partner. Just think, fresh eggs every day. Poached eggs. Fried eggs. Eggs with soldiers. Think of the cakes! (That’ll be the clincher.) And three won’t be any bother. Until you get three. Then a few months later you’ve got eight.

Or, you’ll start with six. And end up with twenty. True story.

You’ll lose hours just watching them. And your day will revolve around their routines.

You’ll lose your heart to each and every one.

And one day you'll wake up and think, let's get some ducks, too.

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