The Landscape Park of Kassel's Wilhelmshöhe is the biggest hillside park in Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park was shaped to its form within 150 years from 1696 onward.

View down the hill on Kassel ...

... and directly opposite view on the 'Herkules' monument

This is Castle Wilhelmshöhe, built in 1798 by Landgrave Wilhelm IX. Prior Park in Bath was a model for it.

Today, it is a museum, renowned for its collection of Old Masters.

From the Castle, you can take a long walk up the hill to the 'Herkules', passing temples, ruins, and small lakes.


The highlight of the park are the water games, an artificial water course running down the hill from the 'Herkules' to the Castle. Using the downward slope only (no pumps), the water is passing through basins, artificial ponds, pools, and lakes, an aqueduct, canals, and several cascades. While a small amount of water is permanently flowing, twice a week (in summer only) the water games are turned on. Then much more water is flowing and visitors can follow it down the hill, for it is flowing in exactly the speed of a stroller, ending in the Great Fountain in front of the Castle.

But even in autumn, it is a beautiful walk along with the water.

November 2015 @password_quilt