a DAY between memories PART I

Portimão, 30 of January 2016 The museum in my city have a permanent exhibition about the canning industry. I have family members that worked there, so I decided to visit the museum to know more about their lifetime work.

My grandma tells me stories of when she was young and had to go to work for the factory to help her parents. Back then they lived hard times, and this was one way to help at home. At that time people began working very young... It all starts with...

The fishermen leaving the city...

...and follow the fish.

Big fish nets were thrown overboard...

This is how the fish arrived to the factory.



"This room was the beginning of the canning process, especially sardines, this area were mostly run by women. In large tables, they withdrew at once the head and the viscera of the sardines, then dipping them in the brine tanks. Then, they were placed in tin grids, washed in machines and stowed in cars, for cookers."

More to come in part II. #stelleralgarve #stellerday

Video: Documentary by José de Oliveira Cosme Old images: Belong to the museum Fábrica de Conservas LA ROSE Feu Hermanos

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