'The World's Smallest Library'


The world's smallest library is in a small rural village in Hertfordshire in a converted red telephone box. The local community trust that people will borrow and add to the collection of books and there is no lock on the little library. It reminds me of a small sense of community that I feel may now be lost to most of us in today's age.

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  • coppernotes

    I've heard about this and love it as an idea. There's an old red phone box that we pass when heading down the coast in a village called Drem, and I can't imagine that anyone uses it to call anyone - this would be a great idea there too.

  • rg117

    This is good...these telephone booths make a great spot to house a good assortment. Color is perfect for catching one's eye. We have "little libraries" in America that are like a large wooden box mounted on a post where readers can borrow or bring books for others. Size is limited but amazing books are exchanged in them.

  • corahnorton

    @copperline yes it's great isn't it! It's sad to see the iconic red phone box neglected, so much better to revitalise it with a new sense of community purpose 🙃

  • corahnorton

    @rg117 that's so cute! Wish we did that here! (Guess we just can't trust each other in most places!!) haha

  • kapowder

    So sweet!

  • lifeoutofbounds

    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing this story. 💖

  • retire2011

    What a great idea!

  • DeepBlueShadows

    We have one near us too

  • vito44


  • aSr

    Very nice. In neighborhoods through out Sacramento, is a similar idea. A wooden box holds many books for folks to check out.

  • hbraica

    extraordinary idea

  • wayleadstoway

    This might be the best idea i've seen in a long time. Great pics. Great idea.

  • RobinDeutsch

    This is awesome. Well done!

  • saradeluigi

    So beautiful!!!

  • ElizabethKelly

    Lovely! My husband and I are planning to start a little library. It's something I'm very excited about. Very much enjoyed seeing this!

  • Ladybug27

    There are so many small, significant things in the world. This brings me so much happiness. Thank you for posting this!

  • Aamir_Steller

    Excellent! ^^

  • mliaskos

    What a wonderful idea! :)

  • egcezar


  • ritakovtun

    we've got a bunch of "Little Free Libraries" like that here in Minnesota! love them. great story 😊

  • dniederwieser

    Such a funky idea, love it.


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