Our journey


Emily Chappell 3rd year student midwife

Midwifery gives you the chance to take part and share some really special experiences

London Pride 2015

RCM supporting London Pride

A few of us marched at London Pride 2015 with The Royal College of Midwives!

Living away from home

Emma Courtney and Georgia Patrick 3rd year student midwives

But it can be tough at times and you may feel homesick but you're not alone...

Clinical skills

Practical sessions...

It's not all about reading off a PowerPoint in our lessons!

You learn vital skills to prepare you for practice

Juggling a midwifery degree with a family...

Natalie Chick, Karolina Bruchal and Ilana Pizer Mason 3rd year student midwives

Hospital placement

Placement provides you with the experience, confidence and skills you need to succeed. But it is challenging (remember, no nail varnish, minimal make up and ponytails!) and you have to be committed as they expect 100% attendance!

And sometimes you won't want to go to placement - night shifts, weekends and bank holidays 😩 but when you get a good day it is so worth it!

Sacrificing your social life...within reason!

Shelley Chamberlain 3rd year student midwife

You also have the chance to join some great societies and clubs. Emma Courtney, 3rd year student midwife chose trampolining!

Some really cool stuff has happened...Harriet was blessed with a baby brother! 💙

❤️And Emily got married❤️

The RCM annual conference 2015 made us feel #proudtobe

You'll meet some inspirational people and gain lifelong friends💕

Midwifery sends you through a roller coaster of emotions with tears, laughter, ups and downs but we have grown stronger! ARE YOU READY...?!

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