How much do we love them?

How much time do we have to save them?


Most of the Swiss glaciers that everyone knows, probably, will disappear in a not so long period of time. This story has the objective to show what we are risking and what we will probably leave forever. Listen...

Those clouds full of CO2....

...are helping the heat of the sun Melting everything...

Creating these beauties...

But everything has a cost: The Morteratsch Glacier, since 1878, retired more than 1,8km.

...and all the ice...flown into rivers.

It's time to move above... ...over 4000m. to see the ice (Jungfrau)

"But this isn't the solution.."

It's a global issue that cannot just be surrounded

There isn't a precise idea to fight global warming and glacier melting, but...

"We are creator of our own destiny and of the world we live in"

We have to come out from our ideology, to save our glacier that we love to observe and photograph

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