#5ftinfworkshop at ARLO & JACOB

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I'm running an #ikebana style workshop at Arlo & Jacob in London on Sat Feb 6th... This time of year is brilliant to discover natural structure and develop a sense of internal storytelling through nature which is what I'll be encouraging and helping with at this workshop. ( tickets are available here )

The showroom was once an ice cream factory...

Ikebana Style...

This is one of the types of arrangement I'll be helping people create...and the next few images are how it came together using lots of stick and twigs and other dead things from the garden, as well as a hint of Spring with Mimosa and Primula...


Arlo & Jacob, Putney, London details at: www.5ftinf.com

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  • georgiestclair

    I'd love to do one in Brighton with you if you ever decide to run one here !

  • 5ftinf

    @georgiestclair thanks Georgie! Now that you've said that I will definitely think about it! Group workshops have taken a back seat this year a bit but maybe I should think about an ikebana one again...I love it!! Hope you're well! x

  • georgiestclair

    I really hope you do, I'll definitely sign up! All good thanks, enjoying some of the Brighton sun when it's made an appearance ☀️

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