In 1800 more than 60 million Bison roamed the plains and prairies of the American west.

In almost 100 years, greed, ignorance, and the absence of protective measures decimated the Bison.

In 1894 their number was believed to be just 25 roaming free in the prairies and plains, bringing the end of an era in American history.

Today, there's an estimated 150,000 bison currently living in public and private herds thanks to conservation efforts over the last 100 years.

Utah has three roaming herds, two in southeastern Utah and one herd very accessible to the general public, Antelope Island.

Antelope Island is a Utah State Park preserved for Bison, and other wildlife.

Birds of Prey



Mule Deer

...and of course Bison

Without conservation, we would never know of the Bison today. Seeing them alive, roaming fenceless and free is truly a gift. Restoring a species is hard work, it takes commitment, community, and resolve.

To learn more about how you can have an impact on conservation, visit:

Explore Antelope Island, by trail or road and witness the free roaming Bison yourself. Just keep well within a safe distance, after all, they are wild.

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