A Wedding Above L.A.

The Big Fake Wedding was a bridal show literally above the Los Angeles skyline. It was organized by wedding vendors for future brides and grooms to experience a fake ceremony and reception. Planners, wedding singers, and florists were just a few of the vendors in action at the event.

There was nothing fake about the set up. I know because I assisted my wife with her floral arrangements.

The bride waited for her groom 50 floors above downtown L.A. Not seen here are the half-dozen photographers looking for their shot.

Ready to meet brides and grooms.

Rehearsing before the guests arrived.

I finally caught the wedding party to take a quick snap before they got out on the dance floor.

Prepping for florals 50 floors above L.A. was a lot of work but am happy to see my wife herecometheblooms.com and other wedding vendors in action. All images were shot with an iPhone 6+ #wedding #weddings #stellerstories #iphoneography

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