Discovering simplicity

Sometimes a little simplicity is good for one's well-being. The day Søren, Silas and I set out to make single quire books this was definitely true. Each one took about 10 minutes. These are perfect as little notebooks for projects, ideas, recipes, doodles, &c. They are simple and useful and even give something useless- a cereal box in this instance - prolonged life! You will need: Paper, pencil, ruler, needle and thread, cover material, scissors and glue.

We started with Strathmore drawing paper, available at most art stores and wonderfully versatile. We used the 14x17" book and folded the paper down into 3 different shapes,

Measure for stitching holes. We made 6. The stitching is visitable, so space them apart with this in mind.

Then poke holes through the fold - be careful not to get your fingers...

The boys decided to use cereal boxes for the cover because they are easy to cut and always around!

After cutting the cereal box, leaving 1/8 inch borders, we scored it to easily fold in half. We then placed the fold of the pages within the fold of the cover and marked where the holes are then poked holes in the cereal box.

Time to sew! Thread your needle.

Begin stitching from the inside, sewing through a middle hole from the inside to the out. (We began through an end hole which means we had to knot twice. Both ways work.)

Weave in and out along the spine and then double back once you reach the end, return to your starting point and tie the thread together. (Or in this case, double knot again when you get to the end!)

Knot twice!

Snip thread, leaving 1/4 inch from knot.

We stitched them once without covers, then tried another round with cereal boxes.

Glue end sheets to the board. Silas uses the side of his hand to sweep from the centre out toward the edge of the book!

Søren is decorating the cover.

...adding colour.

I have made a lot more single quire books since this initial experiment. Look out for the next, more thorough story! Instagram @pegandawl #stellerstories #diy #stellermaker #bookbinding #thisinexplicablelure #thebrotherskent Show us your books on Instagram with hashtag #pegandawlbinds

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