Your Room is getting a new Face

Home decor don't necessarily have to cost a fortune. #recycling is the word. Think out of the box and Reuse! 🖇 #creativity #creative #create

I believe in beautiful packaging & great natural ingredients. The beautiful glasses are always reused and get a Second Life.

Diverse glasses filled with holiday memories such as sand & stones

Reuse old framed posters. I painted a laminated poster with chalk paint. Et voilà: A #chalkboard for my kitchen was finished.

Time for a new wall decoration

Playing with different patterns and textures can be so much fun, and often leads to unexpected mixes, that make a decoration your very personal Home Décor.

Try a transparent silkscarf instead of a curtain for a change. 🍃

Not only great for Muffins.

Simple & effective: gold on wood

"for the love of gold"

#vanwrites @vanportrait

Place cards Write the names on a Glass for a change

Handwritten notes Make everything a bit more Special

Handwritten menu cards

A flatlay of all decoration items never hurts to see, if you are satisfied with your components.

Place little cards next to ingredients as decoration

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