The Hot Springs of Arkansas

A stop along the way to back home.

Fordyce Bathhouse...

So many places come and go. A town once fully peopled, had diminished. We stumbled upon the Hot Springs of Arkansas. Past riches evidenced by looming darkened Victorian buildings, marble stairways, and elaborate everything's decaying. Fortune telling machines remain, as well as a murky explanation to the past, all the stuff that pulls me from melancholy into a kind of happy delirium.

This National Park/Museum was set up so wonderfully, with shoes and clothes and towels and props and so much to make time travel easy.

The metal work and details all over are so lovely...

Strange things, these. One sits awkwardly, bathing the lower torso to heal lower back pain. Looks to me like something to bring on pain. And left, one stuffs everything in the box save ones head. Hmmmm.

The texture of the tubs and the tiles and the tables is divine.

Good, reliable Miss Clara. Experienced attendant.

Fancier and fancier toward the top!

My favourite was the gymnasium. I could move in.

I asked S+S to draw their favourite parts onto the water cups given to us to taste the spring water from the fountain. Søren drew the fountain!

And Silas, the "Ninja Training Room!!"

We stumbled upon unexpected delicious food in the defunct Superior Bathhouse. A lovely ending to a strange adventure.

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