|A walkabout in Balat|

Balat, the traditional Jewish quarter in Istanbul, has such vibrancy - its people, their life and their architecture. I was lucky enough to explore this area on my recent trip to the city, thanks to the lovely Alan and cute little Eli and to get an insight into their daily life.

Balat, like most areas of Istanbul, is hilly and on top of one of its hills is the Phanar Greek Orthodox College - a stunning building, with less than 100 students. Talk about individual attention.

There is so much colour and life everywhere - the buildings.

The wash lines.

The facades and doors.

The glimpses of sunset over the old city.

But the real fascination with Balat for me was the life of the people, especially the little children on its streets.

The stride-by.🚢🏽

The penchant for thorough cleaning.

The munchkins.

The world from their perspective.

Their daredevil ways.

And of course their little games.

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