My Ferrara

Strolling around the city of Renaissance

Ferrara is my new city where I came because of love. The city of Renaissance, lying in the middle of the river Po Valley, still has a magic atmosphere of the past which blends the splendour of Estense court with some beautiful medieval streets. It's also enclosed in a ring of defensive Walls from the 12th century and has a wonderful towering Castle. Today is in the list of World Cultural Heritage of Unesco.

The San Giorgio Cathedral is in the heart of the city, the upper part was built in a gothic style. Every december, a Christmas tree is placed at his side: this year was chosen a colorful Murano glass tree.

Ferrara is the city of "biciclette" (bikes) and should be visited on two wheels!

The beautiful Palazzo dei Diamanti always hosts a great exhibition. This winter is the time for "De Chirico a Ferrara. Metafisica e avanguardie" dedicated to the painting by Surrealist artist Giorgio de Chirico and its Metaphysical modern paintings. The exhibition is complemented by other Metaphysical-inspired paintings by artists such as Carrà and masterpieces from René Magritte.

The city is full of beautiful details...

Little free library: "take a book, bring a book"

Joints in red

Beauty surrounds us

Geometric floors

It has a magic atmosphere all the year especially in the fall season and during springtime... a crispy morning...

...with the fog... a pinky afternoon... a sunset with no filter...

The Castello Estense is unique in the world with a timeless charm!

"Even in a city as small as Ferrara, you can manage, if you like, to disappear for years and years..."

Giorgio Bassani

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