New Year's Day


We were in Southwold over new year. The kids woke up early on New Year's Day, so I went for a walk. It was the most beautiful morning.

Resolutions for this year? Be more focused, live in the moment. We spend so much of our lives connected to devices and being generally distracted that we're basically unaware of a lot of what's going on around us. Making pictures has me lost in the moment, not the noise. So I guess I'll be doing as much more of that as I can. Basically, as nuts as this might sound, I want to find out more about the soul.

Also, I want to do more for 'good'. Along with some friends, I started a charity project last year and want to grow that. It's called @5milesinmyshoes

Wishing you a Steller 2016 #stellerstories #stelleruk #stellertravel #stellerverse #stellercreative