The iPhone

Leo DiGregorio

Steve jobs made the iPhone,Mac,iPad and iPod.

The original iPhone was called the iPhone 2g then iPhone 3G then 3GS then 4 then 4s then 5 and 5s and then 6 and 6s and more in the future.

In the previous page I put a picture of a 50 dollar bill, I put that because everything costs money. For an example the iPhone, even though it costs way more than 50 dollars , go check out the Apple Store and you will see what I mean.

If Steve jobs didn't make the iPhone or Mac iPad or iPod, things wouldn't be the same don't you agree.

The iPhone 5s 6 and 6s include a feature called Touch ID that allows you to unlock your iPhone by only your fingerprint.

Right now the newest iPhone is the iPhone 6s, and obviously my favorite iPhone so far.

I hope you enjoyed this book. So will you get the new iPhone.

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