Favorite Portraits

I shot in 2015

As a portrait photographer, I find nothing more interesting or fun to shoot than the human face. Endless joy for me. Here are some favorites on the many I was fortunate enough to shoot in 2015. The cover image is of cowboy Ben Mason in Superior, Arizona.

Alina Phillips, Oakland, California

Tracey Van Orsow Fawcett, Boise, Idaho

Kabby Borders, Los Angeles, California

Mackenzie Firgens, Los Angeles, California

Janne Robinson, Victoria, British Columbia

Myles Katherine, Portland, Oregon

The Judkinses, Portland, Oregon

Michelle Laone Page, Los Angeles, California

Michelle Laone Page, Los Angeles, California

Claire Thorington, Portland, Oregon

Jessica Breedlove Latham, Portland, Oregon

Ylva, Portland, Oregon

Breyell Payne, Rooster Rock, Oregon

Juice Morgan, West Hollywood, California

Dani Sanders, Portland, Oregon

Amanda Hatheway, Portland, Oregon

Johnny Bones, Tombstone, Arizona

Laura Welsh, Portland, Oregon

To see more of my photos or to work together, go to grethershot.com

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