Makarora, New Zealand

Blue Pools was always on our list of must-see's near Wanaka.

The drive from Wanaka to Makarora is beautiful and takes around 1 hr, offering scenic views of forest, wetlands, lakes and glacier-fed rivers

A few minutes more from Makarora, the track is a lovely, short, but very pretty walk which takes you through New Zealand Beech forest, across swing bridges & to the clear azure water of the glacial Pools.

The colour of the water is just magnificent, we sat and looked for ages!

The track is easy and highly accessible along gravel paths and board walks

The pools get their name from the unique and beautiful colour of the water, a result of light refraction on the clear and icy cold water.

A perfect spot for any nature lover, or even just for a quick leg-stretch after a long drive.

We will never forget those stunning icy blues!!

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