My Word for 2016!

Leigh Kendall, Headspace Perspective

Hi, I'm Leigh. Mummy, writer, patient leader, creative type.

Life has been challenging since I was diagnosed with the rare, life-threatening pregnancy complications preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. I was just 24 weeks' pregnant.

My beautiful son Hugo died aged 35 days in March 2014. I am heartbroken.

I've been working on #HugosLegacy through my blog - and on #matexp

I want to help others in Hugo's memory. I can't bring him back so #hugoslegacy is a way of keeping his memory alive.

This is why I've chosen 'blossom' as my word for 2016.

I want to build on my achievements. To blossom and grow.

I know all to well life is full of challenges. It doesn't always go to plan.

Sometimes to move forward you need to take a risk or two.

I know that in order to blossom I need to take care of myself. To learn the difference between doing things and being productive, and with being so busy it is to the detriment of my well-being.

I'm fortunate to have the support of wonderful people.

I aim to focus on my own goals, on being me. Trying not to compare myself with others.

I've never really believed in #newyears #resolutions If you want to do something or make a change in your life why wait til new year? It's not like Jan 1 has special magical powers...

I will try to remain positive.

Hopefully...with a lot of passion, hard work, and determination. #hugoslegacy #matexp

Thank you

I hope 2016 brings everything you wish for. If you'd like to find out more please visit my blog I'm also on Twitter and Instagram @leighakendall

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