What I Learned From Traveling Every Month In 2015

At it’s core, America’s ideals are deeply rooted in community, happiness, success and freedom. Though the country’s interpretation and at times reaction to these values has greatly evolved, we can’t forget that like anything else, beauty and perhaps more importantly hope, can be found in the most unexpected places. This is probably one of the most important lessons I learned in 2015.

At the beginning of this year I was in the midst of planning our year-long #TSLResolutions series and I took a step back to re-evaluate what I wanted to change in my own life. At that point in time, my work was at the forefront in everything I was doing and naturally I became over-exhausted. As the holidays approached I agreed to participate in a getaway with my (at the time new) boyfriend for New Year’s Eve where I found myself in a snowy cabin in Vermont surrounded by people who would soon become friends. Experiencing an entirely new setting with entirely new people in my life helped me regain some perspective. I love my work (I have the pleasure of growing @thestyleline each and every day!) but I also knew the importance of getting out of my comfort zone – so I wondered, how can I blend the two?

The parallels between this experience and the premise of The Style Line soon intersected. If you’ve been following us you know that we pride ourselves on discovery and have a passion for exploring new people, places and products through a style lens. In that moment I realized I could apply these ideals and create a resolution that kept my life exciting and my work in perspective – and so right then and there I began making a list of cities I wanted to visit every month in 2015. The point of difference was committing to staying within the United States. Another aspect of The Style Line’s mission is to showcase how creative elements (like style) can also contribute to some of the world’s bigger conversations – so it’s easy to assume that this would lead to a desire to travel abroad and experience life in parts of the world we can’t always see, but the truth remains: so much of the world’s biggest obstacles are also being faced here, at home. So amidst the scrutiny, uncertainty and at times pure tragedy, my travel experiences this year instilled a sense of curiosity to rediscover the promise and what it’s truly like to belong to the land of the free.

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