One day in Ljubljana


Despite its beauty, the central European nation of Slovenia remains off the radar for many travellers. Slovenia's capital and largest city is Ljubljana. I was there on Boxing Day.

Ljubljana is clustered in a compact pedestrianised area on a bend in the pretty Ljubljanica river.

For superb views of the city, take the glass funicular up to Ljubljana Castle.

Beneath the castle lies the medieval Old Town, a warren of 19th-century wooden shop fronts, quiet courtyards and cobblestone passageways.

We stopped for lunch at a traditional restaurant, Vodnikov Hram, where we ate Ljubljanska: a fried veal steak stuffed with ham and cheese, with a side of pan-cooked potatoes.

Gibanica, a traditional Balkan cake made with filo pastry, dry curd cottage cheese, eggs and poppy seeds.

The river is crossed by pretty bridges and flanked by elegant colonnades and lively riverside cafés.

In December the town centre of Ljubljana is full of Christmas markets and stalls selling mulled wine, sweets and gifts.

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