year in review

2015 held a lot of big milestones in my life. Graduating, moving cities, starting university, and lots of travel throughout the United States. It was filled with so many memories that are precious to me. There were a lot of good things, and bad things, and while the good things didn't soften the bad things, the bad things didn't spoil the good things. Here is a collection of pictures from some of my favorite moments and places 2015 brought me.

2015 started out with friends from Boston paying me a visit in Chicago

And then a trip out to SoCal in early March...

...and a week in NYC to end March

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Museum of Modern Art

Spent the whole summer exploring all the loveliest places Chicago has to offer

Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

Art Institute of Chicago

The Allis in Soho House

The Winchester

Longman & Eagle

Heritage Outpost

Lula Cafe

CC Ferns

Hoosier Mama Pie Co.

Gather Home + Lifestyle

Heritage General Store

Humbolt House

Montrose Harbor


This summer brought a huge surprise along with the StellerxID meet in June. I ended up being the winner and taking home a $400 Interior Define certificate, and using that to get a brilliant new couch.

Back to California, but this time for Big Sur and San Francisco

Out to Boston, NYC, and Philadelphia to visit some friends

Loyal Supply Co.

Saturdays NYC

Gansevoort Market


Then exploring around my new digs in St. Louis

Sump Coffee

Contemporary Art Museum

Flowers and Weeds

Cafe Osage and Bowood Gardens

Rise Coffee

Future Ancestors

✌🏻️ out 2015

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