Boxing Day

Blowing away the cobwebs

Santa had been and gone

Our #MatExpAdvent series had been great fun but very time-consuming. Flo and I had posted a #MatExp advent story every day for 25 days.

The long awaited date was over.

Presents had been wrapped

For young

And not so young.

Christmas playlists had been compiled...

For four generations

Food had been prepared

Christmas jumpers had been worn and delicious food had been eaten

Party hats had been worn...

Presents had been opened...

and enjoyed

... and in some cases destroyed

Compulsory Christmas TV had been watched...

We had struggled to stay awake...

So on Boxing Day it seemed a good idea to go for a walk 💡👍🏼

To untangle our heads

Did someone say "walk"? 😀

Everyone was keen

It was a windy day

I got told off for tweeting. I was tweeting about getting told off. Oh dear.

It was good to get a breath of fresh air

Some had more energy than others

And some of us got carried away and even had a dip

And then we all got wet

Soon it was time to head back home

Some of us were tired.

And some of us were thirsty

Until next time 😀

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