Christmas meets Mawlid

How we celebrate a holy birth in the Arab Gulf States

This year, as if intentionally in the light of circumstances Jesus and Mohammed share birthdays. In the Gulf we celebrate Mohammed's birth with music and sufi poetry about a prophets virtues or divine love in general. Here is some snapchat footage from tonights evening of a mawlid at my good friend Sheikh Majed AlSabah's home.

Kuwaiti sea fairing beats and dance

We call this beat Samri (aka the arabian waltz)

A mawal is the arabic equivalent to something like jazz improv.

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy (belated) Hanukkah and a Happy Mawlid Nabawi Love, Aziz #stellerworld #stellerlove #stellerverse #onelove #peace #stellerchristmas

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