25 #MatExpAdvent - ures

A team of like minded people went to bed on Christmas Eve, they came from all walks of life with a diversity of skills, roles & experiences ,but they had one thing in common The energy & desire to improve maternity services #MatExp! As they drifted off to sleep they started to dream a common dream ....being visited by 3 spirits...

The first was the spirit of #MatExp past

#MatExp past

The spirit of #MatExp past took them to visit a golden era of maternity care, where everyone knew the local midwife & most births were at home in the 1950s. The spirit also took them to clean bright hospital nurseries & showed off new exciting machines to monitor babies the cutting edge 1970s

But hang on a moment...

Take off those rose tinted spectacles some things were not that great....mothers & babies were dying at higher rates than now and some women complained about poor experience & unsympathetic staff leading to the foundation of @AIMS_Online& @NCTcharity

The spirit of #MatExp past vanished into the night & instead the spirit of #MatExp present came forward. 'Don't worry about the past , let bygones be bygones , let me show you #MatExp maternity experience of the present....the here & now '

There must be some mistake they mumbled in their sleep ....

No, no mistake she answered ...

There is too much variation to be sure and many problems to be solved with staff over worked & women unhappy, There are many guidelines & processes trying to help, yet inconsistent practice & information continues.

Let's look at the latest national view!

Why do first time mothers appear to be getting worse experience?

Why are we forgetting women are people with emotions & feeling at such a massive life event?

Why are more women having 'normal' vaginal births in stirrups?

In some places there is care & compassion and in others division between teams and poor communication. Some women feel nurtured , supported & in control yet some feel caught on a battleground between rivals where even the language used is distressing.

But look over there , there are pockets of great practice, glimmers of kindness & wonderful innovative collaborative people.

Best of all there is a desire for change and improvement and a multitude of people who not only want to see it happen but are willing to stand up & lead the way!

'So,' said the next spirit 'I am the spirit of #MatExp yet to come, follow me!'

#MatExp yet to come..

'You are at a fork in the road - a rare opportunity is coming your way, you can choose the #MatExp yet to come as nothing has been decided' 'You can take up the call to action and shape the maternity services of the future or you can slumber into more of #MatExp present '

Throughout 2015 the NHS National Maternity Review has been underway

The national maternity review @nhsmatreview report is about to be published

In Feb 2016 the report arrived...

7 key recommendations!

Message spreading far & wide

Sarah-Jane came aboard

July a trip to the oval to make transformation plans

We won a challenge fund, meanwhile pioneers & early adopters were starting up

A session at NHS EXPO next year we want the main stage!

Throw in a regional road show or two .....

A day updating at The Kings Fund in November

Yes we did get that main stage #BetterBirths at Expo 2017!

Co production & maternity voice partnerships are a mainstay of maternity transformation

We were delighted to take over the National Picker maternity survey workshops with genuine examples of change

The #TheatreCapChallenge is proving infectious , such a simple idea!

2018 is already looking exciting with a new perinatal mental health and well being about to launch

& a project with London Ambulance

So remember ....

#MatExp yet to come

Baroness Cumberlege called for 'Change Champions' to implement the report & for changes to start now! So it's time to get your super hero #MatExp outfit on & embrace some of the #MatExpAdvent -ures Actions from the last 25 days & jump into making 2018 a year of fabulous maternity improvement too!

With that parting shot the spirit vanished & they woke to discover it was morning


So remember the #MatExp yet to come is in your hands! we’ve launched @MatExpBazaar on twitter & are looking for volunteers to take a turn telling us what they are doing to improve maternity care however big or small !

Happy #MatExp Christmas

Let's get started on a positive #MatExp New Year!

#MatExpAdvent -ures

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