Santa Baby - put it in your sack for #MatExp!

#MatExpAdvent-ures Christmas Eve special! 🎤

We are very excited to launch our 'Santa Baby' #MatExp song on Christmas Eve. We didn't want to share it earlier as we didn't want to risk knocking the fab NHS choir from Lewisham and Greenwich off the top spot for number one at Christmas! 😉 Have you downloaded it yet? What an amazing group of mum-leaders we have in #MatExp. They have turned their important list of improvements needed in maternity care into a song. Hope it makes you smile and thank you everyone for your fantastic support of the #MatExpAdvent series. The most popular stories have had about 30,000 views!

Dear Santa, @heartmummy's group of mothers was asked by Sheena Byrom to tell the National Maternity Review team what changes they would like to see. Please could you add their requests to your Christmas list? I'm sure they've been very good...

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