Welcome to the #MatExp awards!

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Awards are fantastic, they publically celebrate good stuff & motivate & inspire others to follow. Award ceremonies seem to be multiplying both at an organisational and national level within many industries & this is now true for the NHS too

There are lists of powerful & inspirational people ! There are awards for safety, innovation, teamwork! There are awards for films & There are the scores from regulators CQC We are being endlessly measured up

Fab awards tree!

It's wonderful when someone gives us positive feedback & makes us feel valued even for the 'little' things

But there is a downside - what about those who never get nominated or rewarded ? Is their work valueless , are their efforts worth it ? Do they become excluded & demotivated?

So I'd like to present the first ever #MatExp awards...hope the excitement is building!

These are for everyone who gets up every day & believes they can make a difference!

An award for all whoever you are whatever you are trying to do however noisy or not you are about it..

So with a little help from my friend @LeighaKendall.... Drum roll.....

Or even a #MatExp 🍋

So in 2016 there have been an incredible number of folk standing up and taking action, sharing stories & ideas & working together to improve maternity experience

#MatExp won its first ever award & what an honour to win this one ! We were delighted!

I tried to spread a few #MatExp thank you stars....these are for everyone who makes #MatExp a part of their lives. I have been totally overwhelmed by the amazing things people are doing , challenging conversations, taking action big & small or watching quietly and thinking about how they could contribute. So these are do everyone where ever you are & whatever you do....

There are incredible things happening you only need to look at the #MatExp #leadership steller story to see that!

2017 saw the introduction of the coveted #MatExp badges

Followed by #FlashtheSash spreading far & wide

So give yourself a huge pat on the back & celebrate your contribution

Here's to an amazing #MatExp action packed 2018!

#MatExpAdvent -ures

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