In the heart of the city

With an audience of city trees shivering in the chill of December's air, a bow of thanks for their fallen leaves she finds suitable for the courage of the nakedness that they bare.

In the city's park are these children that leave an open invitation to their cirlce for anyone to join in their timeless joy, laughter, and youth.

So she joins them and laughs with them, and sings their song.

...And then finds a woman without the burdens of modesty prancing within the city's heart

Having come to the end of her walk in the city, she wonders within the park a moment longer pondering life.

...and bids all a very Merry Christmas!

The magic of Christmas comes from the heart that is freely willing to believe!


  • gg101285

    Beautiful as you are Yuni!!!!

  • SaplingChild

    These colours!

  • ikwilnietmeer

    Pls like my story

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  • KodakmomentNina

    Such a beautiful Christmas story Yuni! 😍 With your red umbrealla signature. I adore the picture on page 5 - wow so marvelous and stunning! Hope you had a wonderful start of 2017!