Maternity Pick& Mix!

20 #MatExpAdvent -ures

Quality is like the holy grail of health care we are constantly striving for an almost mythical perfection of health and happiness

The question is how in the 21st century with all its competing challenges & pressures can we hope to bring this about in the #NHS The answer on the one hand appears to be get tough, set regulations , inspect , check & monitor, talk & make grand transformational plans But there is an alternative way afoot, many small green shoots are appearing 🌱🌿🌳, people using services wanting to take control & devlop & improve together with the health teams who care for them

There are many leading the way #MatExp is one of many such ideas

& it's not 'just fluff' there is a legal requirement now for health organisations to actively involve users in service development & improvement

Whilst #MatExp is relatively new there are some who have been trying to do this in the past with variable success...the #MSLCs

Sorry , what does MSLC stand for?

#MSLC members & leaders have been involved in #MatExp from the start

Some MSLC were doing amazing things, some were struggling & some areas don't have one at all. Worst of all many women haven't heard of them at all 😒 Bit of a problem if we want to use them to harness women's voices & drive change & improve quality, Remember the beginning , how can we get to Quality Street?

You need the right mix of people

MSLC are composed of healthcare professionals of all disciplines , lay reps, commissioners & more. But there is more to it than that because simply mixing health professionals & women together isn't enough , you need a little magic

To help things along

Possibly a game , cake 🍰 & fun encouraging the conversation, breaking down barriers & encouraging creativity could help!

& it's fantastic that @NCTCharity & NHSEngland have worked together to produce some brand new guidance for #MSLCs feeding into the @nhsmatreview An amazing #MSLC national get together was held in November with me peeping in via Twitter launching new guidance

There is some existing brilliant work already being done, I have met many inspirational MSLC leaders this year, too many to name , who have jumped in & linked with #MatExp. Often they are mines of information , ideas & most important common sense

Now we just need to make sure that quality is spread everywhere & I hope #MatExp might just be able to help with that by sharing ideas & enabling conversations

So in 2016 I was lucky enough to sit in on Bromley MSLC their annual report is here

Teams up & down the country have continued to champion MSLC and prove just how effective they are at involving local women . Reading made this marvellous video

Locally we've done Voices training & started up on Twitter

Stop press 2017!

The national guidance for local maternity systems included front & centre the renamed Maternity Voices Partnerships with ideas about who to involve, how to fund , & jam packed with brilliant examples of action.

Mary Newburn wrote us a poem to include in 'Nobody's Patient' #MatExp

In London we held a maternity voices development day

National Maternity Voices came to life run by some amazing volunteers

& they gave us both local and national MVP views at our recent Picker maternity workshops

2018 looks like it’s going to bring even more exciting times 😊

Have you got a MVP? How could you get involved? Could you set one up?

We can do much more if we do it together! Go have a pick & mix MatExp MVP advent ure & see where it takes you!

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