Harissa-Spiced Pickled Haricots Verts

A Yummy Gift Idea

One of our favorite ways to preserve the best-in-show produce each season: pickling. And who better to direct our pickling efforts than the professionals? The awesome ladies behind Gordy’s Pickle Jar (they make our pickled banana peppers), developed this ADDICTIVE harissa-inspired green bean recipe. These jars are pretty much begging to be gifted!

For the green beans: 3 pounds haricot verts, cleaned and trimmed 6 cups vinegar 4 1/2 cups water 1/3 cup kosher salt 12 cloves garlic 6 pint sized Ball Jars and Lids

For the pickling spice mixture: 2 dried Gaujillo chiles, stemmed and seeded 2 dried Pasilla or New Mexico chiles, stemmed and seeded 1 tablespoons caraway seeds 1 tablespoons coriander seeds 1 tablespoons cumin seeds 1 1/2 teaspoons dried mint


Wash the pint jars and their lids and turn over on a clean dish towel to air dry. While the jars are drying, begin prepping the haricot verts — clean well and soak in a cold water bath. Remove and put in a colander and drain. Trim the ends as necessary (you can use an additional jar as a measure of how tall you want the beans to be. Begin preparing the pickling spice mixture. First, stem and seed the chiles and break apart in even size pieces. Put chile pieces in a small food chopper or processor and pulse until chiles are medium-sized flakes. Remove and break apart any chile pieces not consistent with flakes. In a bowl, combine chile flakes and whole spices. Mix well with a wooden spoon until spices are evenly distributed.

Once the jars are dried throughout, turn over and measure out 1 tablespoon of the pickling spice mixture and put inside each empty jar. Take care to mix spices between batching each jar to maintain an even mixture. Next, add 2 cloves of garlic and a handful of washed haricot verts per each jar. The haricot verts should be inserted lengthwise and the jar filled until pieces are snug but not forced. After all jars are filled with spices, garlic, and haricot verts, begin heating the pickling liquid. In a large saucepan, combine vinegar, water, and salt and bring to a boil. Immediately remove pickling liquid from heat and let stand 2 minutes. Next, carefully pour hot pickling liquid over the vegetables until covered. Allow air bubbles to release and adjust accordingly until vegetables are completely covered. Wipe jar rims and cover jars with their lids. Allow to cool to room temperature before refrigerating. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

Created by Cava Grill