Starburst Garland

❄️Handmade Holiday❄️

Pretty paper; scissors; stapler; glue dots or hot glue; gold or silver thread; Xacto knife; pencil

Cut paper into squares. Fold each square in half both ways. Then fold edges in to align with center fold. Fold again to align with center fold. Do this on the other side until you have 8 equal sections.

Make an accordion fold with the patterned side out. Staple on the center fold. Cut a curved line from edge toward stapled fold.

Now you are ready to open the starburst up and glue the 2 sides together. Make a whole bunch of them in different sizes.

You can make a garland of just starbursts or you can add another element. I used a diamond craft punch to create filler between my starbursts.

Glue the thread into the fold of starburst. To add diamonds cut two and sandwich thread between them. Continue adding starbursts and other elements until you have a 7-8 ft string.

🎅 Merry Christmas #DIY #crafts #holiday

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