No room at the inn....

18 #MatExpAdvent -ures

Sometime things get in the way, they seem impossible to shift but are they really?

I'm going to give you an example ...

It's obviously best not to try new ideas in an emergency situation so start by trying it out on a planned C-birth

Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith

2016 has been no different but we've seen more people defeat those barriers Andrew Simm with his gentle CS in Nottingham & a few of us experimenting at Kingston

& Nobody's Patient takes on a multitude of barriers & blocks which brings us back to Yoda 'do or do not there is no such thing as try!

Think what other barriers & blocks have we put in place, are they necessary ? Could you move them out of the way?

So do share what do you want for maternity services ? But think also how might YOU make it happen?

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